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  • Joe D.
    There are two ways to do this. The easy but unsupported way is with this mod on

    The supported method but of a little more work is this:

    Setup a new usergroup, based off your current "Registered Uses" group- call it something like "Registered Users 15" or something.

    Now go to your regular Registered Users group and in Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroups, turn off PMs for them by setting the option Maximum Stored Messages to 0 (zero).

    Now in Admin CP go to your Promotions system (also under Usergroups) and setup a new promotion. Setup the promotion to promote all registered users with 15 posts or more from Registered Users to the Registered Users 15 group.

    Now once a user reaches 15 posts they will automatically be promoted to the "RU15" group and that group has PM permissions.

    Note - Promotions run on a scheduled task so promotions aren't immediate. They usually occur within 15 minutes of a user reaching the goal amount.

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  • MrsPetSquirrel
    started a topic New User Question

    New User Question

    Where can I go and turn off the PM's to new members till they have posted 15 times on the board.

    Please!!!!! Help..
    Thank You