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    So first I have to say I've not used my licenced copy of vb since 2007..... haven't had a website... Well I am back online and want to build a site again, and of course intergrate vbulletin... like I said been away a long while. My licence was owned its saying expired in member area.. so I'm totally lost.

    obviously I need to upgrade and I can't do that right now, unemployed yadda yadda.. Now I've just downloaded the zip of my allowed version 3.65 going to use that (if I remember how to install it lol) until I can raise enough to afford an upgrade.

    My question now is, is it safe to just use 3.65 and secondly if I upgrade to 4.00 how much is that.. and if I upgrade to include the blog/cms how much is that.

    And can both those options be upgraded from my 3.65 or are they sstandalone installs... I only want 1 or other, just cant decide how to do it..
    I can't upgrade now, I don't even have 20 bucks.. but my other question is, when i'm in a position to upgrade, can I upgrade to include the cms/blogs part.. or is that a separate purchase again.

    I hope this forum still includes people showing off their sites.. really would like to get a feel for the new software and how everyone has integrated it in their site.

    thanks for any advice. BTW I see upgrade purchase options in the member area but I'm baffled as to what is what.. much more complicated than it ever was before lollll


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    as you are upgrading it will cost $250 for the suit and $175 for the forums only


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      the best thing you can do is not to install that old version you have get 4.1.4 and install from new this way you will have no problems


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        Isn't there a $40 maintenance option so he can grab the latest in the 3.8 series, 3.8.7?


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          Originally posted by Hawk2 View Post
          as you are upgrading it will cost $250 for the suit and $175 for the forums only
          Ty Hawk...


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            I can't afford to purchase the upgrade to 4.14 life is a struggle loll - as soon as someone gives me a job I'll do an upgrade. I'm building a site for my american friends business, they are struggling too. well like most I guess due to the recession anyhow.. it wont be a big site just hopefully will get them some work someday... so its not overly important that I have the best latest version. esp since the site is not even live as such... with that said I always liked this software so once we get work I'll upgrade to the latest. Had no problems installing my old version. BTW still love the helpfulness of these forums, thanks all.. hag1


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