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Strange calendar behaviour.

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  • Strange calendar behaviour.

    I have had an events calendar running on the site for a couple of years without any problems. It is only accessible by registered, logged in members.

    A few days ago I set up a second calendar to show different events but this one is visible to all.

    Now when a person clicks the original calendar link, if they are not logged in they are taken to the new calendar. They don’t get a "you are not logged" in page like they used to. If the are logged in it works as normal.

    Also the 2nd calendar, when accessed, is stuck on January 2009. I have set the date range to 2006-2037, the same as the first calendar.

    The 3rd problem is I cant change the default view of either calendar. They just stay on monthly view no matter what I set it to.

    I'm running VB version 3.6.8

    Does anyone have any ideas on what can be wrong and what can be done to fix things?


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