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3.6.8 P2 - Moved to new server - View PHP Info died

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  • 3.6.8 P2 - Moved to new server - View PHP Info died

    Version 3.6.8 Patch 2

    We have just about finished up moving to a new server. There were no obvious problems with the move, and while Admin CP -> Maintenance -> View PHP Info performed as it should when checked immediately after the move, now it only produces a blank window. The Admin CP menu can be seen on the left, and along the top, but where the PHP info would normally be displayed, it's blank (White). All of the other menus and displays in Admin CP work as they should.

    What can cause this problem, and what's the cure?

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    Set this:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options -> Public phpinfo() Display Enabled -> Yes

    You can then go to your forums and add &do=phpinfo to any page and it will display the phpinfo() page. If that is blank them contact your host. They are blocking this display.
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      Thank you. That setting apparently changed automagically when my back was turned...