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RSS Poster Robot XML error: XML Error: "not well-formed (invalid token) at line 9"

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    Thanks, Zachery,

    Then, I will look into whether the XML file on my server is current...

    Do you know which specific XML file that VBulletin accesses in its RSS feed manager?



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      Whatever the url is that you give it.

      You should try wget-ing or curling the xml file, and then downloading it in your browser.


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        Hi Zachery,

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        So you're saying that the error refers to a line in the Yahoo RSS XML file (on line 9 of that file, for example), and not in the XML library file on the server, or in some vbulletin file that is running the RSS import operation.

        But, since the Yahoo RSS file downloads fine on most other servers (and on other VBulletin installations and other server software), then I think that we can assume that the issue is not the Yahoo RSS file, but something on the server side, perhaps the server XML file(s)?

        Do you happen to know the name of the XML Library files that are being accessed by VB from the website server, or are they different on each server?

        Thanks (and have a great New Year),



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          I think that when the vBulletin rssposter runs against the URL in your Yahoo news feed it is not seeing the same XML that I get when I point my browser at the same URL. As far I know these should produce the same result, but they do not. That is the point I was trying to show in my previous reply.

          I think what we need is a way to display (or log) what the rssposter has processed when it says “invalid token” or any other error. I attempted to do that by modifying the rssposter.php and the result is shown in the attached pdf.

          In brief, the result shows an “Error 999” from Yahoo, and some quick research suggests this is due to a banned IP address. Can you change your IP?
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            Hi Gcox,

            Thank for experimenting to try to find out what the issue is.

            Are you saying that Yahoo might be rejecting our accessing their news feed because our website IPs are on a banned list? I see that the pdf you posted also lists possible malware as a reason.

            I don't think that either of these applies to my site. (I searched my IP address, and didn't find anything regarding SPAM or malware).



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              I am saying that the error you are really receiving is probably the Yahoo error 999, but you just don’t see it because the vB rssposter responds with “XML Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at Line”.

              So you should research the Yahoo error 999.

              It could be that Yahoo is limiting bandwidth. But I thought if that were the case then my problem would have been intermittent over the last month or so. So I suspect it might be a banned IP address which is even more likely if the IP address is shared. Any one of a thousand web sites that share your IP might cause the problem.


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