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  • Database table error

    Hello, using vB ver 3.6.4, I'm having a problem reparing this error:
    Error: Table upgrade required. Please do "REPAIR TABLE `post`" to fix it!
    I've attempted the repair via the vB Repair / Optimize Tables function with no success.
    I've also attempted repair using phpMyAdmin and receive this message:

    SQL query: SHOW KEYS FROM `post`
    MySQL said:
    #145 - Table './forums/post' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
    although reapairing it shows it's up to date.

    vB shows Data length and Index Length are both "0".

    Attached are screenshots from phpMyAdmin.
    I don't understand the screenshot that shows "in use", as I make sure I exit the "Repair" function in vB before running the tools with phpMyAdmin.
    Any help appreciated...upgrading the vB is an option the Customer wants me to pursue, but I'd like to get this resolved (if possible) first.

    TIA for any ideas.
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    If those methods don't work then this may be too damaged to fix with the normal methods. Please check out this thread for other ways to repair a db, particularly items #2 and 3:

    You may have to ask your host to try and repair this for you.
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      Will do, thanks!
      Of course, I did turn the forums off first while attempting these repairs.
      Out of curiosity, will upgrading to 3.7.3 repair this table, or should I back everything up first and have the host attempt the repair?


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        Well, had to get the host's help, then we were getting:
        MySQL Error : Incorrect key file for table './forums/phrase.MYI'; try to repair it
        Error Number : 126
        Tech support at the host says:
        this might be cache with the database as there is no more corrupted tables in your forums database. I have checked all the tables. Give it some time and try again and if the issue persists then feel free to contact us. I will try to repair that again but at this moment I am unable to locate any corrupted table
        I can reply to posts and create new threads, but the Error Number : 126 still shows.
        However, if I reload, the reply or new thread is there.

        I'm not sure what
        this might be cache with the database

        Now that I go and check with phpMyAdmin, there are many more errors than before, but I guess we'll take them one at a time, LOL!

        I must admit that this forum has not been maintained for a long time and the owner now wants it up and running again, although he didn't realize it was fudged until I told him, LOL!

        Anyway, enough for today and will post back after we play around some more...
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          Hmmm, ran repair on all tables with phpMyAdmin one more time, and all looks good!

          Definitely leave well enough alone for now!!!


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