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  • Database backup-reloading help

    Hi everyone.
    I have done a search and cannot find this so appologies if this does exsist somewhere.

    I have a problem with my site as in someone else holds the password to the licence, they have since left my site due to a few problems on thier part and left with not giving me the password.

    This has now buggered me up for upgrading to the latest software and i am now dead in the water as i cannot upgrade or renew.

    If i save my database and buy a fresh licence will i be able to upload my database to this new licence? i am running 3.6x and would like to get the newest one.

    Any help would be appreciated guys.

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    What a shame it had to come to that, yes.. I hope you have your site up and running soon.

    Yes, if you backup your database, and write down on paper which version you are running. Then you also know if you have to upgrade or not when you buy your own license.
    this explains how to back up, I strongly suggest to use SSH for the best results.
    again, I recommend to use SSH.

    Dump the database, and on the new host and account, import it.
    Buy a vBulletin license, and based on the version, don't upgrade or patch, or patch, or upgrade.

    If you run 3.7.3 PL1, don't patch or upgrade.
    If you run 3.7.3, patch the instance.
    If you run an older than 3.7.3 version, do a full upgrade.

    You might need to run tools.php to rebuild caches, import .xml files to fix some potential issues, or even restore the admin account if you don't have that either. But usually just moving and using new files should work just fine.


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      Ok, so i can just backup my database, buy a new licence, upload it to my server, reload my old database to the new licence and i'm done?

      I have over 250 members and thousands of posts, will i lose any of this?


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        All the data like users and threads and their posts are in the database. So no. If you back up 100% you will import just fine.


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