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  • Transferring Site to New Server

    Hello all. I'm in the process of trying to transfer my site from one server to another. I have done a lot of searching here on the forum and Google. I saw the manual here: and a few of the threads that were posted here suggesting some of the scripts (mySQL dumper etc.)

    The thing is I don't have TelNet/SSH access, nor do I really know what they are or how to use it. I know that is the preferred method for trying to transfer a site, but as far as I can tell, not an option...

    The first thing I did was FTP to the current server, copy all the files to my hard disk, then FTP to the new server and transfer all the files. Then to move the database I tried mySQL dumper but got an error when I tried to restore. So that option didn't really work. Then my friend suggested "phpMYadmin" which is available in the cPanel. I went there, made a backup of the database which I saved into my desktop. I went to the new server's cPanel, went to phpMyadmin and tried the "restore" option and pointed to the file I saved on my desktop from the current server.

    It seemed liked the database imported fine. When I looked at the tables or info on the new database it has data associated with it. However I still get a database error when I try to view the site on the new server...

    I had no idea this would be this difficult... I've been trying for about 12 days with no success on ways to transfer this site over to the new server. It seems like I've done everything currently - FTP all the files, then import the new database.

    Perhaps I'm missing files I need to update information with? I know I need to edit config.php to point to the new database, but maybe I'm missing some additional few steps I need to do in order to ge this up and running. I tried pointing the domain name to the new server to see if that would fix any problems, but it hasn't..

    Here is what is really strange...

    When I type the new server's IP address into the webbar, I get the database error, however if I type in the ip address with the adminp slash (i.e.: it points back to and the AdminCP loads because it points to the AdminCP on my old server, which still has the domain name pointed to it.

    I didn't update to vBulletin 3.7 yet (although I could), and was going to wait until after the transfer to do so, but if doing it before the transfer would make things easier I'd like to hear about it. Thanks for any help one can provide!!

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    what is the database error? I could not see it in your post? - Everything Copier , Printer, Fax


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      It can be viewed seen here: , but it simply says "The database has encountered a problem."


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        mysql_connect() [&lt;a href='function.mysql-connect'&gt;function.mysql-connect&lt;/a&gt;]: Access denied for user <removed>@'localhost' (using password: YES)
        /home/relation/public_html/includes/class_core.php on line 271
        MySQL Error :
        Error Number :
        Date : Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 @ 07:44:30 AM
        Script :
        Referrer :
        IP Address :
        Username :
        Classname : vb_database

        you are not connecting to the database. check with your host.

        to look at db errors, right click the page and "view source".

        Check your username and password. you may have a pre-fix that needs to be applied before the database name. IE domainna_databasename - Everything Copier , Printer, Fax


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          Make sure you have updated config.php with the information for your new database. It's a common mistake made when moving servers.
          Kerry-Anne :)

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            I am trying to move too

            I am trying to do the same thing. I have a site that has a store, a forum and a gallery on a high CPU server with Blue Host. We have grown a lot in the last year and are running into CPU overages and slowdowns. I can’t afford a dedicated server ($200 to 300 a month) so I thought a temporary fix would be to move the forum and gallery to a different high CPU server ($20 a month.) I am wondering what would be the best way to move the forum so that it would be intact with all of the threads and posts that are in the original?

            I have already changed the config.php and installed VB on the new server and now I need to know what docs I need to copy from the old location and which ones need to be changed. I know that when I go to a forum the address includes “forumdisplay.php” and when I go to a thread it has “showthread.php” but where is all of the text that is in the posts stored?

            Any help would be appreciated, we have had a sharp increase in traffic and the site is really dragging during the day so I want to get this done fast. This move also involves Photo Post which controls the gallery but I guess that is a question for another board.


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              Please start your own thread in the relevant forum for the version of vBulletin that you are running. Thank you.
              Kerry-Anne :)

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