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    I would like to use my forum and have a special board to be used as a ticket program.

    It looks like there is a way I can setup the board to allow a user to view only their threads, and not to reply to or view other peoples threads. I can then allow my tech support staff permissions to view all threads/posts on that board. So support will see all the threads, but the users will only see their own threads when they load up the board. Kind of like their own ticket board.

    If I do this, is it safe to allow them to post personal information on this board? Such as login details, or other stuff a support person might need, or is there some way that another person might be able to view that information when their not supposed to.

    I have the Project tools add-on for vB is there any way that could be used as a ticket program? Its seems like it has a lot of neat features. So they create a new "ticket" instead of a new bug report or what ever.

    Also I'm wondering about the "Prefix" I see at the top of the thread when I create a new thread. Is that a new feature in 3.7?

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    Yes, the prefix is a featre in 3.7.

    The ticket system should be perfectly safe. Its absolutely possible to set up in 3.7, just as you describe above. Ive used it at other forums and it seems perfectly safe....


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      Ok, We'll I'll give it a shot and see how it works before I open the forum to the public. If anyone else has any ideas on how to make it work, please let me know. I think having a bored dedicated to tickets is a cool idea, and the search abilities of vB if I search a customers name, in only that board will allow me to access all of their tickets at once.

      But I wanted to make sure its safe to do that, because I noticed that even Jelsoft has a stand alone ticket program which they won't sell.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        We'll in this case how to I prevent the board I use for customer tickets, from being included in Google searches. Seems that Google and other search engines will still put a short description of some of the threads onto the search engines website, but then when you click the link to view the web page you get an error because they can't view the page.


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          Make it so that guests cannot view that forum by changing the forum permissions for guests in that particular forum to Can View Forum - No


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            Ok, I already did that, but I didn't know it would stop search engines from viewing.



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