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RSS Feed Add or Update - tu_maxtime error

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  • RSS Feed Add or Update - tu_maxtime error

    I have 2 RSS feeds working ok (NYTimes and ZDnet News)... I deleted everything else since they aren't working correctly or pulling in too much garbage to be unreadable.

    I am not trying to update a disabled feed and I even tried to add a new one and no matter what I do I get this error:

    PHP Code:
    Fatal errorField tu_maxtime is not defined in $validfields in class vb_datamanager_rssfeed in /includes/class_dm.php on line 485 
    How do I get around this and fix this?


    Also, when I look at an individual feed, the body is setup as this:

    PHP Code:
    But if the user click on the link it opens a new window. Is there a way to set this where a user clicks on the link and you are taken to the url in this same window?


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    What are the exact feeds? Have you installed any add-ons?
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