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Spammer managed to log into many existing accounts.

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  • Spammer managed to log into many existing accounts.

    I started noticing today that a spammer/hacker managed to log into many existing accounts. at first they were able to log in and then PM spam.

    i have a multiple user detector running and it shows that they are all coming in from the same computer/browser/cookie. the spammer basically just went through the userlist alphabetically.

    however, after i notice those PMs, i immediately my vbulletin software to upgrade from 3.6.7 to the latest (3.6.10pl2 ?).

    after that the spammer bot isn't able to completely login, i noticed the status is : "Logging in" but never go beyond that.

    what does the status "Logging in" mean?

    how did the hacker managed to login in as so many users?

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    Please see this thread on how to make your vBulletin more secure:

    If you are still being hacked after doing all of this, then they are most likely doing this by accessing your server. You need to contact your host about this.
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