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  • Phrase errors

    I keep getting a bunch of different pharse errors. It seems to have started after an automatic upgrade to the server. Here are some examples.

    "could not find postthanks"
    "could not find pmreceived"
    "could not find message"

    I'm running 3.6.4. I understand this an out of date which I'm going to update, however in the mean time. Will Importing the Language XML File for my version fix this? And if so is it pretty safe with out having problems once imported?


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    postthanks is from a hack, chances are the others are also.


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      The other do seem like they are from vb. Using the contact form this appears.
      could not find message

      There is even a message logging in too. could not find login


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        Reupload the default 4 xml files located in install/ folder and re-run finalupgrade.php


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          Ok I have done that but I get this on step two of the final upgrade. Any ideas how to fix this? I repaired the adminhelp table but still get this error.


          Database error in vBulletin 3.6.4:
          Invalid SQL:
          DELETE FROM phrase
          WHERE product IN ('vbulletin', '')
          AND fieldname = 'cphelptext'
          AND languageid = -1;
          MySQL Error : Table './forums/phrase' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
          Error Number : 145
          Date : Friday, June 20th 2008 @ 09:48:28 PM
          Script :
          Referrer :


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            You need to repair that table. You can do this in phpMyAdmin.
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              Thanks Steve. I had my host do the repair.

              Zachery, thanks that fixed my errors.


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