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Session Timeout Problem!

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  • Session Timeout Problem!

    just want my members to stay like an hour or so...once they logout or not doing i increase my Session Timeout into 3600 = 1 Hr. i hope it's the right thing to do...but's not working...

    so please kindly help me on this...really try to search for an answer here...but no luck...

    appreciate any help from any of you guys out there...

    thanks and best regards to all...

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    That should work instantly upon changing it. How do you know it is not working?


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      In addition to that I do have another session timeout problem.

      My users log in to the forum without using password and username. The session timeout is at 900. They say they never have to log in. So I concluded that vBulletin nevers logs my users out. Why not? Seems that the cookies on their PC's are enough. I dont want that.

      As admin am logged out from the admin control panel. (But that normal behaviour and is ok with me.)

      Do you have any suggestions for me?




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        That's correct, when they click ' remember me ' a cookie will be stored on their system. So the next time they login they can keep using the forum and the session will be expanded. You can remove the option to click on remember me, so each time the leave the site and don't return within the timeout period, vb can't extend the timeout as they're no longer in the session table, and they have to login again.

        If a user is connected, the session is created, if the user browses 50 minutes later, the session is extended again .. so the user can be logged in to increase convinience. I hope that makes sense.


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          Thanks Floris,

          If I am correct the user has tot tick the "remember me" checkbox when he logs in.

          But what I want is that the user is not able to tich that checkbox. And I want it not to remember the users. I would like to have the users to log in everytime when the session timeout period is over. (I would make that 7200 or so, e.g. 2 hours).

          Is there an official way to do that or am I overlooking a setting. I searched for it bu could not find it.

          Read your post again: I refrase: How do I remove the "Remember me" checkbox?

          Thanks again,



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            Euuhm, is my question that stupid?

            Not to press things but my question remains, how do I keep the browsers from remembering the logindata.

            Floris told me:
            "You can remove the option to click on remember me". Euuh where? I searched everywhere, but probably overlooking it multiple times.




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              You will need to physically remove that from the appropriate templates. Please note that as support staff our primary function is to help customers with specific problems and questions they have about using the software. While we often will help with questions regarding customizing forums, that is not our core function. We help with these questions when we can and when we have the time and experience.

              For specific help with customizing vB you should try
              Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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