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Upgrade not reflecting on one of my forums.

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  • Upgrade not reflecting on one of my forums.

    I currently have two forums (2 urls & 2 licenses). I recently upgraded both forums one right after the other a couple weeks ago. My older forum reflects that it is the new 3.6.9 version both in admin cp and on the forums, while the other still reflects that it is the 3.6.8 pl2 version. Any advice? Does this mean the upgrade was not successful, or do I need to fix something?

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    Re-upload the files from 3.6.9 and make sure it is overwriting the files, and not skipping or resuming. When done, see if this fixed it.


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      Thanks! It worked.


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        Can you tell me what exactly you changed when you re-did this and it worked for you? I'm having the same problem, have "updated" three times now to 3.6.9, still running at 3.6.8PL2.

        Checking file dates, versions etc., and it appears the new files are over-writing and making it to their destination.


        - Bill


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          Make sure that you have run install/upgrade.php and not just uploaded the files.


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            try checking the index.php file and make sure it says 3.6.9 on top. You may just be uploading the wrong index or config file.


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              I'm having the same problem upgrading to 3.6.10. Just did the upgrade drill per the manual and just like I've always done it. My AdminCP still says I'm at 3.6.8 and points me to upgrade.

              Kerry-Anne, yes, I'm running the upgrade script. topspeedforum, yes, my index.php file shows 3.6.10. And I am over-writing when I copy, since I do it on my local machine, and tell it to. All except the config.php file, which I don't change unless the release notes dope slap me. That one is 3.5.4

              My SOP for upgrade is to unpack the zip file, remove the install.php, then copy (with over-write) all the files over my old local copy of the old installation (to capture the robots.txt, .htaccess, avatars, etc.). Upload all that to forums-new. When upgrading, turn the board off and backup the db, rename forums to forums-old, then forums-new to forums, then run the upgrade script.

              I am on a new server, and various aspects of it are kicking my ass. Can anyone think of a server setting that would do this, and I'm too much of a knucklhead to know about? I'm waiting for my server guru to become available, no easy anwers yet. I've been checking to see if it is something as simple as the write CHMOD setting for a directory, have been putting all to 644 per the "secure you vBulletin" tech notes, many were at 755 previously. But that's getting more restrictive, and not solving my problem.
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                Just broke the code, when trying to set up mail logging.

                Dummy here was upgrading a redundant old install, and leaving the live install in a subdomain (new path on new server) untouched. Doh!


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