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How to place a box with link on top of site (read more)

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  • How to place a box with link on top of site (read more)

    I want to make a black outlined box on my site where I have made this red one in photoshop in the picture below. I want it just to be black outline with white inside and then have text in it that will be hyperlinked to another site. How would I go about doing that?

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    that seems pretty easy
    admincp>styles and templates>style manager>All style options

    Just scroll down until you get to the color boxes. It will probably change all the colors though so not sure if thats what you want


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      You can also try this which will give you just a box

      It is possible to change the box color and text color seperately from the rest of the forum with this Mod. Check out my site if you want to see how it looks. Its the one that says site updates


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        The red box above I just made with photoshop. Its not actually on my site. Im just trying to put a outlined box where that is to put text in that is hyperlinked to another site. dont think the style manager way is the way to do it. not sure though


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          try the mod i linked above