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HOW DO I Edit my home page

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  • HOW DO I Edit my home page


    I have been going through the VBulletin learning curve. I have been trying to do a simple function but can't find a WYSIWYG editor to change the content on the home page. I am enclosing the url to see the home page.

    The area I need to edit is under New Anouncement: in a green box starting with "Over the past eight years". Also can anyone recommend a book to learn VBulletin.

    Thank You so much


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    The first page of vBulletin is actually:

    To edit your homepage, you would have to contact whoever created the actual portal for you.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Home Page

      Hi Wayne Luke,

      I want to eliminate the developer This should have been connected to a wysiwyg editor.



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