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    I found this thread you posted that shows how to setup trial subscriptions and then post a notice of days remaining in the trial. I am trying to implement this for the trial subscription but have it post the days remaining in a paid membership as well.

    What I am setting up is this. Our current registered members will all be converted to a 90 day trial using your method in the thread linked above. I want to display the days remaining for these trial memberships. Once the trial ends, I will display the notice you coded in that same thread After someone converts to a paid membership, I would like to instead display the days remaining in their paid membership and then an expiration notice asking them to renew after their membership ends.

    I don't know the subscription end date variable to use to calculate the days remaining in a paid membership.

    Can this be done?



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    The subscription information is not readily available for use in displaying the days left in a subscription. You will need some custom code to query that information from the subscription record. That is a question.


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      Thanks Jake. In your original thread, the method you posted will promote (or downgrade) everyone into the expired trial group after X days since registration. I have several thousand existing registered members and I would like to start the countdown for their 90 day trials on a specific day instead of the date of their registration. Many of them have been registered for several years so they would lose the function immediately under your posted method. I would like for the existing registered members to get a 90 day trial as well. Is this possible? Is there a way I could possibly reset all their registration dates to a particular date (for instance today) at the same time and then they would have 90 days from today while new registrations would have 90 days from their registration date? Is there any danger or downside to doing this?

      Sorry for the flurry of questions recently. I really do appreciate your help.



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        There is no way to set an arbitrary start date for the promotion. It can only be based on join date.

        I recommend you manually add your existing users to the subscription:

        Admin CP -> Paid Subscriptions -> Subscription Manager -> Add User (in the menu on the right)

        You can set a 90 day duration when you manually add each user. That way existing users have 90 days of subscriber access while new registrations will be subject to the 90 day trial period. If one of those existing members does not purchase more time within 90 days then the subscription will expire.


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          I understand Jake, but I have several thousand users and it would take weeks to go through and manually add each user to the paid subscription. I guess I thought that since you could change the join date in a users profile information, there would be some way to just change the join dates for all existing registered users at one time. I didn't know if that would screw something else up since it would now be possible for the join date to be later for instance than a previous subscription begin or end date.

          Does that make sense?



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            Changing the join date for existing users is one option. I don't think that will conflict with existing suscriptions because subscriptions do not depend on the join date for purchases or expirations.

            Otherwise if you want to add existing users to the subscription then you will need a custom script to automatically process all of your existing users. If you have some coding ability then you can post on for help with that.


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