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  • Posting Problems

    I got this from one of my administrators:

    I am having problems posting. I am able to post from my home computer just fine (as I am doing with this post), however, I am unable to post from my work computer. It was working fine a week ago, but doesn't any longer. I can view threads, but when I go to reply, or "quote" a thread, it starts to load the posting page, but freezes part way through and never finishes. Has anyone else had this problem?
    I have deleted the cookies in the computer, deleted temp. internet files, rebooted a few times, etc... and nothing changes. I am able to post on other forums that are set up the same way with no problem. It is just on this one. Just running out of ways to troubleshoot it.
    I am at my wits end in trouble shooting this as well and not quite sure what to try next or recommend. Any ideas, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    First, via view source you can see what is the last loaded coded at browser. For example if last loaded code is wysiwyg editor, than if you compare the code with fully loaded page you can see which part is not loading.

    Of course the best option is to create a default style and disable all plugins than check if that error still continue


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      Ok so I got a copy of his source code and compared it with a fully loaded functional source code and this is what I found. His code is missing a good chunk compared with the fully loaded working one. The one thing I can't understand is why is he the only one having problems with it and no one else is?

      Any how this is a copy of the last bit of code that was loaded.

      // vB Phrases
      vbphrase["wysiwyg_please_wait"] = "Please wait for the WYSIWYG editor to finish loading...";
      vbphrase["wysiwyg_initialized"] = "WYSIWYG Editor initialized for %1$s in %2$s seconds.";
      vbphrase["wysiwyg_command_invalid"] = "This command is invalid or not implemented.";
      vbphrase["moz_must_select_text"] = "Mozilla requires that you must select some text for this function to work";
      vbphrase["moz_edit_config_file"] = "You need to edit your Mozilla config file to allow this action.";
      vbphrase["enter_tag_option"] = "Please enter the option for your %1$s tag:";
      vbphrase["must_select_text_to_use"] = "You must select some text to use this function.";
      vbphrase["browser_is_safari_no_wysiwyg"] = "The Safari browser does not support WYSIWYG mode.";
      vbphrase["enter_option_x_tag"] = "Enter the option for the [%1$s] tag:";
      vbphrase["enter_text_to_be_formatted"] = "Enter the text to be formatted";
      vbphrase["enter_link_text"] = "Enter the text to be displa


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