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Allow Admin to Select Styles But Not Anyone Else

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  • Allow Admin to Select Styles But Not Anyone Else

    I am wanting to experiment with some new style/template options but don't want to bother our members while I am doing it. I know there is an option to allow members to select their own style, but is there a way to allow that for the admin only so I can see what my pages look like while I am experimenting with the styles/templates without the users being able to stumble onto them?

    Sorry if this is a noob question. Thanks.


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    Make sure your test style is not "checked" on this page (meaning it is not user-selectable):

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager

    As the admin you can still click that style's name in the Style Manager to view your forum with that style. But no one else can use it because it's not user-selectable.


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      Thanks Jake. I knew it was probably something simple. I always appreciate your quick response!


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        Is there a way to preview the styles with the various permissions (registered, paid subscriber, etc.) without turning on the ability for users to select their own styles? For example, I can see how my template modifications work for paid members because that's what I am. But I can't figure out how to see what an unregistered user or a registered user who is not a paid member sees without allowing users to select their own style and then logging in using a test account configured for that particular type of user.



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          There is no way to do that without allowing regular users to select that style. For this kind of extended testing you should consider installing a test forum that is completely separate from your production forum.