OK, did some searches and didn't come up with an answer on this one.

I have a standard registered user group. I want this to be the Primary user group for all users but based on subscription status, I'd like to upgrade them to multiple secondary user groups and inherit each of those secondary usergroup permissions.

Basically I'm setting this up with a downloads manager. So essentially, I'm selling products on a subscription basis and there are 4 different products, thus 4 different subscriptions. However if they purchase 2 subscriptions, I would like them to inherit both secondary usergroup permissions. Likewise if they purchase 3 or all 4.

With each purchase of a product subscription, another support forum comes available and likewise the permission to download based on the secondary user group permissions.

Anyone know how to do this? I have the download manager and permissions for each usergroup already set up. Currently if I have my users in the primary usergroup of Registered member, and add them to one additional secondary usergroup it works fine. However if I add them to multiple secondary usergroups it doesn't seem to work.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

--- Not a Vbulletin issue. The forum seems to be working fine with multiple permissions based on multiple secondary usergroups. It's an issue with the downloadsII (Great product by the way) manager not inheriting the user permissions. I'm trying to solve this now.