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New forum directory, images gone

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  • New forum directory, images gone

    Okay let's get straight to it shall we. My old file structure was this:


    my site was like this for the last year or so, with the VBulletin being installed into the forums directory, i just recently switched to my root directory like so:


    The way I went about this was like so, downloading the full directory of forums/ onto my hard drive, then deleting it from my server. Then re-uploading the original files to the root directory, everything is working just like it should, minus the images. The images are where they should be except the forum is still trying to pull the images from instead of

    I have corrected in the VB Options the new forum url, and this did not fix it, also looked under Style and Image settings in the VB options and no option for image pointing is there. So im thinking VB might add something into my SQL? so i ran a search in my SQL for the phrase "forums/" and i notice a lot of matches.

    I have also noticed when posting or replying to a new thread the forums is trying to take you to the old URL.

    Here's the question everyones waiting for, how can i fix this? THANKS IN ADVANCED.

    P.S: This is an urgent matter as my forum has heavy traffic, i would like to get this settled asap.

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    Have you tried creating a new style with no parent to see that it's picking up the correct default settings?
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      no i have not, i will try that now and edit my post


      Ok, new style with no parent created, i named it TEST. All the images on that are working and pointing where they should ( ) , So im guessing it's a skin issue now? And if so is it SQL related since there is phrases in my SQL that say forums/ or what? I really have no idea, so any help on getting my images to appear with the skin i use would greatly help me out. THANKS IN ADVANCED.


      extra info - i thought i should make it clear if i hadnt before that i never have had any problems with my skins images up until this point, and the problem is that the skin is trying to grab the images from my old url of but i need to figure out how to make it get the images from the new url of THANKS.

      edit #2:

      All fixed, sorry for wasting your time Trevster, it seemed that skin i use set's up relative paths for the CSS and Images inside the style options of the templates it self hardcoded in there when you originally install it, so i deleted all instances of "forums/" and viola, fixed.

      view the fixed forum here:
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