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Banned a user - how to make it NOT say "Banned" under username

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  • Banned a user - how to make it NOT say "Banned" under username

    Ok, my staff recently banned a user for unruley behaviour, but we wish for the bans to be 'discreet' so people don't start asking "why was he banned" and have to make things up, as we want to keep the matter private so no turmoil is started.

    Is there any way to ban a user but NOT show "banned" under their username in the Memberlist and in msgs?

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    You need to actually add that tag. It is either input under the usergroups or as a ranking. There may be another way (I can't remember right now), but make sure it wasn't done either of those two ways.

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      I use the word "Slave" for banned users, to maintain the site atmosphere. After the "Slave" role plays the part in good faith, all his/hers rights are restored. If not, then their chararacter/account becomes a "NPC" character,


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        You could go into his user profile in the admin cp and change his new title of "Banned" into whatever it was before, and select "Yes" in the Custom Title drop-down menu. We do that for registered users when they choose a new title, we let them make up their own, but I'm not sure if it will work in the Banned usergroup, we've never done that.


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          If you have more than 1 person banned, set up a new user group called Banned, give it what ever permissions that you want, and then it will allow you to set what ever you like under the user title. Mine say not registered. Then you just change that person from his original user group to the banned user group in his profile


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            Actually it was a quick fix - the default "Banned User" usergroup has the title of "Banned" which over-rides their old title.

            All I had to do was removed the "Banned" field and leave it blank - and it's now showing their 'regular' user title. Which is good because other people dont' bother me asking "why was so and so banned" meaning I don't have to give explanations twice a day


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