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Help updating from 3.0.8 to 3.6.8?

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  • Help updating from 3.0.8 to 3.6.8?

    I'm part of the team running the forum and we're curring using vbulletin software 3.0.8 which is quite old by now. Therefore we want to upgrade to the latest version 3.6.8.

    The problem is that I have not done upgrades before, and I'm a little insecure how easily and problem-free it will be. I would therefore like to know what you think - is it generally running easily enough that I could go ahead and do it or does it require special "abilities" and should I expect difficulties?

    Also, will it be particularly problematic since I'm upgrading from 3.0.8 to 3.6.8?

    I know that maybe this is hard to answer, but an opinion is very much appreciated. In case it is strongly dependant on the website you can see it here:

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    The biggest change from 3.0.8 to 3.6.8 will be the template changes between 3.0 and 3.6.

    You may want to install a test site, migrate your style and then work on updating it, or you may want to consider purchasing a new style or contacting the original author of the style you did purchase and see if they've upgraded it if it was a masss produced style.

    The upgrade process otherwise is fairly painless, upload the new files and run install/upgrade.php

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      I recently upgraded to 3.6.8 from 3.0.12 and posted these steps I took:

      Originally posted by U2Lynne View Post
      I just recently upgraded my forums from 3.0.12 to 3.6.8. This is what I did:

      - made a test site with a test database
      - made a backup of the real site (database backup and attachments/avatars/profile pics files)
      - put all the backup stuff on the test site including all the files so I had an exact duplicate of my site
      - then downloaded 3.6.8 and made any file modifications I wanted to add (for hacks I installed)
      - uploaded all those files to my test site
      - ran the upgrade script on the test site
      - made all template modifications needed on the test site
      - made sure the test site was running just fine - tested all modifications and everything
      - downloaded all the files to my computer from the test site
      - downloade/exported all the modifications/hacks into a "hacks" folder on my computer
      - exported the styles (templates) into my "hacks" folder on my computer
      - now I have a copy of all files except the database/attachments/avatars on my computer
      - closed my main site
      - made a backup of the database and attachments/avatars/etc and all files on the main site
      - uploaded all the 3.6.8 files from my computer to the main site
      - ran the upgrade script on my main site
      - imported all the hacks from my "hacks" folder to the main site
      - imported the styles from my "hacks" folder to the main site
      - now my main site should be just like my test site only more recent since my test site was running from on older database
      - test it out, make sure it's running OK
      - open up your main site

      I really, strongly suggest upgrading a test site first. This lets you get all the kinks (or most of them!) out before you do this on your main site.

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        Thanks U2Lynne and Zachery for the suggestion. I will try and go thourgh the list and make a test site.

        Just one question Zachery, what shouls I understand by the template change. Something like that the template systems are so different that I need to make changes to the custom-made template/graphics? It is just the graphics elements or more than that?

        Thanks again,


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          There have been a vast number of template changes between your version and the current, to review them all would require looking at each release, then some templates have been updated multiple times.


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            OK, so I contiued along the directions given above creating a copy of the site and testing that.

            I downloaded the 3.6.8 patch 2, unzipped it and I have now uploaded the /upload/ folder. Now I'm trying to start the step-by-step update process by going to (as directed in the readme file that comes with the installation zip). The problem is that when I do that I get redirected to the admin login page (

            I have turned off the forum as directed.

            Any idea what's going wrong here?



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              Where did you upload the upload folder too?


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                I created a test site at
                The forum is directly in the public_html/ directory. I uploaded the upload directory to
                I also deleted the file as directed.

                Is that not correct?


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                  Hmm I think I may be a little stupid here... I found another upgrade manual and it seems that the files should be uploaded to the actual forum directory and not to a /upload/ directory... hrmm...

                  I'll try that instead and see how that goes.


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