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Changing Customer License on forums

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  • Changing Customer License on forums

    Bit of a conundrum here. I run a gaming clan forum and 2 members have quit the clan. They were the legal owners of the licence used for our forums. Not wanting to shut anything down and leave 100 members without a home, I myself have purchased an Owner's Licence to continue use of the forums.

    My question is, how do i go about changing the forums so that it uses my license, not theirs? I have submitted a support ticket and I got most of my answers direct from Steve, but there's still a few things I'm unsure of.

    He said that as long as the versions are the same, it wouldnt be an issue. He said I could just upload all the .php and .xml files and overwrite the existing ones - and that I wouldnt have to alter any of the files. Therein lies the problem. Doesn't the includes/config.php file have to be customized before uploading for a fresh installation? Wouldn't i have to customize my version as well before uploading? (SuperAdministrator UserID's, database ID's etc.) I think overwriting the current config.php file with this untouched version I downloaded after buying the license would cause issues, would it not?

    Do i upload every single .php file? Even the ones that are included in the sub-folders admincp, includes, install, modcp, etc.?


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    the config file holds your configuration for the database/ location of files. You can copy/paste the header (license info) and footer (revisions/download info) from the new to old or vice versa copy your setting into the new file. It's the member license number that needs correcting. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you have access and know the variables for your database.
    Originally posted by adadk
    Do i upload every single .php file? Even the ones that are included in the sub-folders admincp, includes, install, modcp, etc.?
    Yes again these files hold your license number.
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      all done. everything seems normal so far. Thanks for the input.


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        For future reference, I've used the following:

        find ./ -type f -name "*.php" | xargs perl -pi -w -e 's/oldlicense/newlicense/g;'
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          Also, don't forget to change your server password/MySQL info in your config...So that they don't change anything on your site/Vb.

          Hope you have that squared away.

          That is, assuming, that the two leaders of the VB license had access to the config file/server.


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