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Paid subscriptions failing - paypal

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  • Paid subscriptions failing - paypal

    I've had paid subscriptions working for over a year now - but suddenly after 18th jan this year - they are all coming up as failures in the transaction log

    Money is going into my account fine, I get emails, but vb logs them as a failure and doesnt upgrade their account

    Has paypal changed their API again or something?

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    Assuming you are running 3.6.8 PL2, then please report this in the Bug Tracker with all the relevant info.
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      Also check the things in this thread:


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        I'm getting the exact same thing here..suddenly subscriptions quit given them there usergroup and it doesnt say in VB that they paid for the subscription.


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          I have this same issue. Followed Jakes link and everything checks out just fine. The test communications link works fine and reports no errors. Has anyone found the problem to this issue yet?



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            If you still have the problem after checking everything in that thread then we can take a look. Please submit a trouble ticket with your forum and server info:



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              I think the key here Jake is that the subscriptions were orking fine - and just stopped working for some unknown reason. I have the same problem.

              Interesting side note - I upgraded my vBulletin renewal for that site - and the transaction went through fine. Except vBulletin is still showing the license as inactive. ICould there be a problem wwith paypal?
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                I am getting lots of reports of paypal problems today... both paid subscriptions and purchases through our site. I suspect that the paypal service is having problems right now. In the meantime you will need to manually add / update subscriptions in your Admin CP when you receive a payment.


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                  Yeah, I'm having problems too, but seemingly only when an eCheck is involved. The "cleared" notice doesn't get sent to me, even though it shows up cleared in my account. I have another program that uses the same function, and am having the same problem as well.

                  I've contacted PayPal about this, but they just send me a canned message back with a link of where to find out about the IPN process. They are pretty much useless when it comes to customer support.

                  Hopefully some other payment processor has their ear to the ground and sees an opportunity to give us a viable alternative.