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HTML tags in pasted text

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  • Wayne Luke
    No, there is no quick and easy to edit these posts. I recommend pasting in plain text and using the editor to format them for your forums. If it is a newsletter, then see if there is an RSS feed and import that with the RSS Poster Bot. The formatting will be maintained easier with the RSS Poster Bot.

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  • drobie
    started a topic HTML tags in pasted text

    HTML tags in pasted text

    This is a new one in my short career as a VB owner and Admin.

    When I copy text from an HTML email into a new post, all looks well on the intial paste.

    When I preview or post the message, HTML font tags become visible in every paragraph. The tags are often the default font for the forum and are full tags including the open and close symbols [ ] and [/] at the appropriate end of the tags.

    Is there a setting to avoid this happening, or an easy way to hide or remove them after the fact. All I can do now is delete them one by one. Last attempted post has 16 sets.

    Deleting them doesn't change the look because again the tags designate the default font anyway.

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