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  • Dropdown links in navbar

    All the dropdown links in my navbar just disapeared, like normally 'quick links' has a little arrow for the drop down menu. How do I get them back?

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    Revert your navbar template.
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      It is template: navbar or browser and or this setting within vBulletin.
      vBulletin Options > Style & Language Settings > Use 'vBMenu' DHTML Popup Menus? [Yes}
      Use dynamic HTML popup menus to reduce screen clutter if user's browser is capable?

      Please note that disabling this option will also disable some AJAX features, such as user name suggestion.


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        Ok that feature was turned on, and I tried reverting the navbar but everything is still the same


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          What about your browser or do you have a link you are able to post within these forums and if you do not want to post your link, then can you private message me the link.

          Does this happen to an unmodified style version.


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            hmm.. i'm using the same browser I always have and the drop down links show on my other style.

            My board is:

            Thanks so much for your help


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              You might need to revert the navbar template back to its orginal code and or compare your modified with master style (unmodified) and see what was edit incorrectly. <-- Wait you just did this.

              You then need to upload all unmodified files except install.php and and overwrite them. You do not need to upload images.


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                Revert your header and headinclude templates.
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