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Change Forum-Off-Message via SQL?

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  • Change Forum-Off-Message via SQL?

    I was wondering if there was any way to change the message that appears when you turn the board off via the AdminCP in SQL? I'm having some problems with the board, and would like to change the message, but I don't have any way to do it in the AdminCP for the moment.

    Thanks in advance
    Julie H.

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    Do you mean through the Database CP, or your forums AdminCP? If you can execute a query through your forums AdminCP, then you should definitly have the rights to change the message in the Forum Options. Another option is to log into your DB and change the text there in the Settings (though not recommended ).


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      I mean through phpMyAdmin. I would do it via the control panel if I could, but I'm having some issues with a table, so I don't have access to the Options page in the AdminCP. I closed my board through an SQL statement


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        If from phpmyadmin it is very simple to do by editing the correct field in the database and hitting save. I don't feel comfortabe posting exact table and value fields of DB's on a public forum, so please open a support ticket with vB, they'll help you,