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  • Having trouble figuring this out...

    Hi gang-

    I am trying to set up a forum for future publication with support threads, etc. for a product we are launching soon.

    I don't want to make it active as yet, so here's my problem:

    Parent forum is visible when I go to the absolute url even though it's not active, but none of the sub-forums will show.

    I need to be able to see and post threads and stickies in the child forums without making the parent forum active- there are several other support forums for different products on the same site, and I can't have this one visible until this product actually launches.

    I have all the children set to:
    "act as forum= yes"
    "forum is active=yes"
    "forum is open=yes"

    The parent is set to:
    "act as forum= no"
    "forum is active=no"
    "forum is open=yes"

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Have you checked your usergroup settings for that forum?


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      I don't understand what that has to do with my issue?

      Usergroup settings are wide open- I am logged in as admin.

      The problem is that the parent forum is closed, but all the child forums are
      wide open. They should show and be postable when I go to the absolute
      URL of the parent, which is hidden but known to me.

      To clarify: when I go to the absolute URL of the main forum I am trying to
      edit I believe I should be able to see the child forums and be able to post
      in them.

      I can't see them, and my question is do I have to go to an absolute URL
      again to see them like I do for the parent? Or is there a setting that I've
      gotten mixed up...

      I suspect that I do, but I'm having trouble figuring that URL out...when I try
      to just add the sub-forum name to the parent url, it defaults to the index,
      and all I can see is my live forums.

      Anyone else help?

      Thanks so much!



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        Support people?



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          Why not create a private forum, but I do understand what you were trying and do not quite understand why child(subforum) are not shown if you only select parent to be hidden.


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            Well, yes, I could do that, but all my support forums are hosted on one site,
            and that's why I want to set it up like this.

            I just don't want it to appear publicly until I'm ready.

            I don't understand either why the child forums won't appear at the parent URL
            even though the parent is hidden...

            That's my question.

            Could support weigh in on this, please!!



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              Who needs to have access to these forums before they become active? Why not in Permissions just hit Deny All for all usergroups and then use Access Masks to allow the couple of people that need to have access to them? Then they will see the forums, but no one else will.

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                Sorry, I don't know anyway to do what you want without modifying the code.
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