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  • Is this possible?

    I run a site for wounded Servicemembers going through disability evaluation. I would like my members to be able to post the dates of various events in their cases. I would then like to be able to pull the info from the users posts and come up with current and historical average times for processing cases depending on which service they are in and where their case is being processed. This way, a member who is going to a board at Walter Reed for example would be able to see average times over whatever period of time (last quarter, year, two year period). Any one know of an easy way to do this or of any mods?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Wow - To be honest it seems like a tall order - at the same time - it seems like a very noble enterprise and for a very good cause.

    I personally don't know of any such modifications that would do as you require. I would suggest you post in the Paid Requests over at --- There are some uber talented coders there whom may be able to help you.


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