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IE Is Driving Me Crazy!

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  • IE Is Driving Me Crazy!

    Hi there!

    I posted this on as well but so far no results. Hope you guys can help me

    I am having a little problem with my website at the moment. So here is the deal. I created more templates and pages by using the Gary King's script
    Now on my site when you are in firefox it works fine, you can log in and then view all the separate pages and it keeps your profile there and when you log out and start jumping to pages, it shows that you are logged out.

    Now when we come to IE7 its not the same case, usually I can log in normally then when I try to go to another page it gives me the log in screen again in my user panel, to fix this you either have to refresh or hit the link again, which I must say is not an option for my users haha. In addition when I log out it does the same thing, sometimes you go to another page and it will show you as logged in still... its confusing me. I mean I have a general understanding of how the process works but I'm no code expert, so any help you can give me will REALLY help.

    Below I'm adding a user name and a password that any of you guys can log into to just see what I mean.

    So in summary go to IE and log into this account and visit the pages... you will see what I mean.

    Thanks guys!


    EDIT: I feel it has something to do with the cookies but I'm LOST lol and I can't find anyone else ont he forums with a similar problem... thanks again fellas

    user name: vbsupport
    password: vbsupportpassword

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    no one has had this happen to them!? yikes


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      The most common problem is being inconsistent with the www. prefix in your URL.

      If you are at, and you point the link to then it uses a different cookie, forcing you to log in again. If this is the problem, don't prefix your links at all, or, use the full $vboptions[bburl]/ prefix.

      Another cause, for the cookie-disabled users, is not adding $session[sessionurl_q] to the end of your links pointing to that file. It'll drop their session.


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        oh yeah URL DUH my navigation is flash so Im not quite sure how I would go about adding that $session[sessionurl_q] thing on the end... all of the links in my flash have the www extension. Thanks !



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          oh well I think you saved me bud I just changed my log out links to include my before them and it seems to be workin... thanks pal


          EDIT: oh no... it still does it lol... dang it... well... it doesnt do it if you are only ever logging in with one user form that computer lol... oh well
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