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Real problem with color?

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  • Real problem with color?

    OK, I have been messing about with color schemes in the Main CSS (Styles & Templates) for my forum which is still being worked on and is closed.
    Things seemed to be going fine until I looked at the Homepage (which is not finished yet).
    As you can see from the picture it seems as though the font color is dark in some modules and OK in others! The ones that turned up with a dark unreadable font color are "Site Navigation", Recent Threads", "Quick Moderation, "Online Users" (sub titles wording as in "members & guests),"Todays Birthdays" and "Stats"!
    Have been going crazy trying to figure out how to change the font color in the module titles so that they are all the same as the ones that are readable?
    Really need some help here as I'm at a total loss where to place/enter in the correct font color for these modules? Sorry for the poor quality of the picture but you can easily see that some module titles are visible where as others have a dark font and are unreadable. Can this be taken care of in the "Styles & Templates > Main CSS? If so.....where? I just can't seem to understand why some appear to be fine while others are not!

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    Your frontpage seems to be vBAdvanced. You need to contact them about the inconsistencies in their modules.
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