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  • Help Regarding web hosting?

    Please dont take it otherwise as i m going to ask someting out the subject and i ask for sorry in advance .Since i dint get any solution so i m doing this.

    I m having a forum whcih runs on rented server by . now they have limited the mysql space to 100mb and they can not increase it and becaue of too much posting attachment in my forum , it is gettng full once it reached 100 mb then my forum will be closed ..... Now the question starts from here.

    Is there any other way to prevent this problem?can we get some way to divert mysql space to web space because provides me 20gb hd space. which is infact useless.

    or shd i change to another web hosting company? if yes then whcih is best now..? i wll prefer to go for shared one as dedicated is not possible for me.?

    Please help me regarding this..............

    thanking you

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    There are a lot of attachments on your forums?
    Try moving them to the file system.

    Attachments > Attachment Storage Type

    You can also do the same with avatars, profile pics and style sheets.
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      will this work? is there any tutorial for this?
      My Site Address :-

      Only Serious Members Are Needed