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  • Jake Bunce
    Any style made in 3.x is compatible with other versions of 3.x and can be uploaded by selecting the "ignore style version" option on the style upload page. Just be mindful of template changes between versions. If a style has several custom templates and is from and old version, then you will likely have minor style problems until you manually revert or update those templates in the custom style. But it should still work for the most part.

    Styles that consist of only color changes and images don't have these problems.

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  • jamestl2
    started a topic Forum style compatibility

    Forum style compatibility

    I was looking at some of the different styles available in this thread:

    But lots of them were made for 3.5 etc. Are these versions not compatible with 3.6, higher versions, etc.? Because I tried downloading a few for experimentation, to see what I like, but they don't seem to upload properly.

    I can upload the folders to my server, no problem. But when I try to upload the XML file, I get this message:
    This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

    Your version: 3.6.8
    File version: 3.5.3

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