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    Originally posted by Zachery View Post
    You need to move your attachments back into the database, or remove safemode.
    ok - i was thinkin the same thing about movin the attachments back to the database. Right now we have 1330 attachments, using about 646MB. Will moving these to the database cause any problems with performance? Or any other problems you forsee?

    Also, can you please elaborate on the other comment about turning safe mode off. Is this another option? Do I open up any other problems doing that? And where do I do that at? In the PHP.INI file? Or in the admoncp somewhere?

    Sorry for all the wuestions, i just want to step lightly and not sink the boat completely.
    Thanks for the help. Jessej

    One more question...
    Can I easily move these from the file system to the database, and then back again if needed?


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      It will have an impact on the database, mysql was not made for storing binary data really but what other choice do you have?

      Yes, you can move from the file system, to the database, and back again,.


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        ok - I will probably try that later on tonite.

        But I did just notice (aqnd i dont know if this has any impact or not) that many of the sub dirs under the attachments dir were not chmod777. After using ftp to move from the shared server to this new dedicated server, the file permissions came over as 755, and i had to manually change them to 777. I just noticed many more that were not changed, so i just changed them, and will see if this maybe helps or fixes it.

        thanks Zach.


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          I still haven't tried to move the attachments to the database just yet.

          I changed ALL of the directories to chmod777 and this has seemed to help many of the people to be able to upload. But there are still a couple who cannot, they get the "upload failed" message, and also the "you have followed an invalid link please contact admin" message. Again I have checked and rechecked all of the settings for these user groups with regard to attachments.

          When I move the attachments back to the database, should I take the board down? I don't want to create MORE problems. Also, will any of the mods I made to the settings in the php.ini file be ok as is for storing in the database?

          Also, I was thinking that I may move the files to the database, and then back to the file system and see if this causes any different results. Any thoughts?

          Thank you for the advice.
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            You should close your forums while you are moving attachments back to the file system.
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              update: I did end up moving all of the attachments back to the database and all of the problems are now not problems anymore. all is working fine. thanks for all of the help, and sorry for the delay in updating this info. jessej


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