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Increasing the text on mouse thread rollover?

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  • Increasing the text on mouse thread rollover?

    Hi There. I've searched for a mod, and this forum,
    to find a way where I can modify how much text is seen when a user rolls his or her mouse over a thread. Right now its like a sentance, are you able to regulate how much they see before having to click that thread...or do I need a mod. Thanks so much prior.

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    vBulletin Options -> Forum Listing Display Options (forumdisplay) -> Length of Thread Preview Text.
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      Note that Firefox doesn't show it all, no matter what it's set to, since I have a feeling that's why you might be asking.


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        I am actually using Firefox so good guess!

        Is there a MOD for that.

        Anyway, hey thanks so much. You guys are truly great. Best help community forum ON THE WEB PERIOD!!


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          Not that I know of (though if there is, I'd like to hear of it as well). I think this has to do with the browser itself. At best, there might be some tweak within Firefox you can do, but this will only work if each user does this tweak to their browser, or they won't see the whole thing.


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            Just wait for Firefox 3.0 to come out, as it is working for the alpha4 version.

            Search addons: Tooltip


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              While that doesn't fix the issue globally, thanks. I like how the tooltip stays until you move away, unlike in IE where it goes away after a time period, but it doesn't format the text correctly like it does in IE. Oh well, it's better than default.


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