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Post Referrer Whitelist - still not able to

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  • Post Referrer Whitelist - still not able to


    I am using the mod "Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages" to let my members browse through my site using the same username and password of vBulletin.

    My settings are:


    vBulletin Forum location: or

    My subdomains all have small characters but the actual folder of the subdomain has 1 big character.

    I have in my whitelist (excluding the italic purple text): => actual folder => subdomain name => actual folder => subdomain name

    Path to save cookies - Suggested Settings:

    Cookie domain - Custom Setting:

    My problem:

    I have trouble to post form data when the page is opened with a certain URL format. This form itself doesn't change anything in the vBulletin tables, but in a separate database table.

    Using the following link works if I post with a form:

    But if I use the following link it doesn't work: (posting this will redirect the member to

    I'll get the message "In order to accept POST request originating from this domain, the admin must add this domain to the whitelist."

    What else should I add to the whitelist in order to make the form work when someone enters ?

    Thank you

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