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  • Changing user names

    So, in our forum, of which I am the administrator but not owner, we have the following text in our FAQs:

    You can alter any of the fields in your profile, except your username. Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. In extreme circumstances, you may request that the administrator change your username, but he or she will require a very good reason to do so.
    The board owner is now questioning this decision not to change user names except for extreme circumstances. I checked, and I see that this seems to be a standard developed by VB (it's the same text that I find when I got to the VB FAQs here). And my question there a serious reason why we should not be changing user names willy nilly, or is it just to keep us admins from getting stupid name-change requests every other day?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    PS: I know it's not HARD to change user names, but I'm personally of the opinion that people should choose their user name with care UP FRONT, to keep me from having to change it later. I don't mind doing it once in a while, but we've recently had a user who wants to change her name from "BettyLou88" to "BettyLou23". And I'm sorry, but that just seems like a silly request to me. However, the board owner seems to think I'm being unreasonable.

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    You get lots of name-change requests, it's not a major issue as your posts and so on work of your usedID rather than your username


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      Originally posted by Steph H View Post
      However, the board owner seems to think I'm being unreasonable.

      Yes us board owners are pretty silly ourselves. Heck I have been thinking about changing mine. I guess I like change. But seriously

      If someone request a user name change I usually grant it because I don't think that it is that big of deal. They still keep all the post and things that they have done so it is pretty much ok but that is just my opinion and my opinion is what you pay for it LOL nothing


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        Originally posted by StrongMotive View Post
        You get lots of name-change requests, it's not a major issue as your posts and so on work of your usedID rather than your username
        Actually, it turns into a major issue pretty quick. Username is indeed a field in the user table, but for speed reasons Jelsoft also stores username for each post in the post table.

        This means when you change a username, a query like

        "update post set username="NewUsername" where username="OldUsername"; gets run.

        If you have a lot of posts (like my site, nearly 39 million), it will lock your database up pretty well for a couple minutes.

        On a smaller site it's not so much of an issue.

        However, thats one of the reasons we don't allow people to do it. Even if you do allow it, then people get confused about why they cant login if they don't know their name change has gone through, etc.

        I like the system that phpBB has where your login name is independent of the name that's visible on the forum. So your login name could be KyleC, but the name displayed on the forums is KrON, or whatever you want to specify it to be.

        Furthermore, changing usernames can also make accountability difficult. If moderator X is keeping their eye on someone who is a troublemaker or something and their name gets changed, there is no past history of usernames stored anywhere. So there's really no evidence trail of any sort.
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          Thanks for the advice and info everyone. Our site is small (definitely don't have 39 million of anything--users, posts, etc!), so it probably isn't THAT big of a deal for us. However, Kron also raises a few other good points.

          I'll take this back to the site owner and let her decide how she wants to handle it.

          Thanks for the help, all!


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