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User message regarding multiple IP connections

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  • User message regarding multiple IP connections

    While attempting to register on my forums, a user received the following message:

    "Our server has detected the presence of multiple IP connections from your machine, with one of the connections being an "Open Proxy" or blacklisted IP..... Our server has denied you any further access until both IP addresses can be resolved or the presence of the Open Proxy connection closed."
    I do have some banned IP addresses but the user sent me an email through the forum and his IP address is not one that has been banned.

    I google and searched but couldn't find anything for this one!

    Thanks in advance

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    That message is a server generated one. This is beyond the scope of vB. You'll need to contact your host about this.
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      Thanks, because I ban IPs in VB and from the email I was under the impression the user received the message from vB because it occurred when they were trying to register.

      I shall follow-up with my host!


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