Not showing subforums at times.

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  • Jim Ellis
    • Sep 2007
    • 78
    • 3.6.x

    Not showing subforums at times.

    OK, I think this should be an easy one for most of you, but I am new to this (2 days) and am not yet to the point of remembering how I got some stuff done...

    Anyway, what I did before and want to do again is to NOT show the subforums when looking at a forum. From below, when I have B up I want to see C and E but not D. I did this yesterday but can't remember how I did it today..... Where/what is the control?


    I found the setting for the number of levels to show and changed it to 10 earlier today (but now I can't find it to double-check. darn. I think I need a break). Yesterday I changed from the default 2 to 3 and that fixed this same problem then.....but not now.

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  • Steve Machol
    Former Customer Support Manager
    • Jul 2000
    • 154488

    Template depths greater than 2 are not recognized without modifying the templates.

    Try this:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Forum Listings Display Options ->
    - Depth of Forums - Forum Home - 2
    - Depth of Forums - Forum Display - 2
    - Depth of Sub-Forums - 1
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    • Wayne Luke
      vBulletin Technical Support Lead
      • Aug 2000
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      • 6.0.X

      You need to create more templates. Read this thread:
      Translations provided by Google.

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      • Jim Ellis
        • Sep 2007
        • 78
        • 3.6.x

        Ah, there it is.

        I now have it the way I want but don't understand the first setting (Depth of Forums - Forum Home).

        From what it says, if I have it set to 2, it should show me 2 levels down when I am on the Home page, but all I see is 1 level. Changing this to a higher number doesn't have any effect (what I think is meant by Forum Home in my case is ). Changing it to 1 or 0 prevents displaying of any forums.

        Am I not looking at Forum Home or am I just thick as a brick?

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