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Password Expiry Question........

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  • Reeve of Shinra
    Set the normal interval that you would like to use... the system will automatically have the users reset their passwords when they first log in and then according to your schedule after that.

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  • mmmender
    started a topic Password Expiry Question........

    Password Expiry Question........

    I know how to set a password expiry for a usergroup through the control panel but I have another question about this feature.......

    I've never initiated a password expiry before, but it's been 5 years so I figured it was time to do it. I wanted this to take place 1 day from now, so I set the number to "1" in the control panel. What I need to know is.....if I don't revert this back to "0" within 24 hours, will it keep expiring passwords every 24 hours? Or, has the expiry notification already been sort of initiated so that I can go in now and change it back to "0"? Or, will that just cancel the action completely?

    Any advice appreciated.


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