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Forum Migration, Upgrade, and Database Swap

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  • Forum Migration, Upgrade, and Database Swap

    The hardware that my vBulletin site resides on is pretty old and fairly unstable. All other services have been moved off of this server and this is the last migration.

    Here is the current status of my forum:

    OS: Windows 2003 Running: IIS 6
    PHP 4.3.4
    MySQL 4.0.16-max-debug
    vBulletin 3.0.7

    I would like to migrate to new hardware, update to the latest version of vBulletin, and migrate from MySQL to SQL.

    I would love to be able to keep all of my settings and data if possible. I have done some custom template work, but I think I can get those migrated on my own if they aren’t brought over automatically.

    Could you give me some general ideas as to how to go about doing this?

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    First thing to note is that vBulletin does not support any other database system other than MySQL at this time. So if you need to use another database system, you will need to do a lot of custom code editing (yes, actually editing the files, as hooks/plugins system cannot change the database type) to get it done. We don't support that as it is overly complicated and may very well cause problems. If you are absolutely interested in doing so, then you must venture to for further assistance.

    As for moving, it's actually not that complicated. It involves downloading a database backup (via: SSH, or phpMyAdmin), copying the files over (via FTP or SCP), restoring the database (via: SSH, or phpMyAdmin), and then finally upgrade to latest version. If you encounter any problems (pretty unlikely, but as long as you don't delete anything until you're completely done and are sure everything is set), feel free to let us know the exact error / problem, including any error message(s), and we will be more than happy to help you look into the cause of the problem for you.

    For a detailed outline of server moving procedures, please check this entry: Moving Servers
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      The new server has a different administrator. They are concerned about MySQL running. The old machine was completely behind firewalls and was an intranet site only, the new machine does have public access as it is already being used as a web server.

      While I have been a long time fan of vBulletin, this could be a problem.

      Do you have any suggested references with regards to the security of MySQL.

      Assuming that we get this issue resolved, can the new machine run a newer version of PHP & MySQL than the old one prior to the migration?

      Also will the upgrade from my version of vBulletin to the 3.6.8 from 3.0.7 require any specific versions of PHP or MySQL?


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        3.6.x stream requires at least PHP 4.3.3 and MySQL 4.0.16. They're both fairly old in my view, and unless the server admin have a special keen to love certain out-dated version, there should be no reason that your new server's versions are too old

        Aside from that, I'm not an expert in database systems, but I personally don't see any security problems with MySQL database. If their reasoning is that MySQL is free and they don't trust free softwares because of blah blah blah, you can direct them to the MySQL Enterprise server version which will set them back $595/server/year. If they can tell you a specific security issue, maybe MySQL have a solution for it already. MySQL have a bug tracker which tracks most (if not all) current and previous bugs, as well as if they're patched and if so, how to obtain it. This can be accessed by anyone here:
        Best Regards,
        Andy Huang


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          Would there be any problems if the new server was running MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2.4?


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            Nope, those are newer than the minimum requirement so it should run fine.
            If you're still feeling unease, you can also use this to test your server:
            Best Regards,
            Andy Huang


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              The boss let us out early today. I'll check it out next Monday.

              Thank you for all the help so far.


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