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Redirect Problem after a User Registers

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  • Syxguns
    I noticed that nobody has responded to your post. I've had the same issue on a question that I asked. Currently I'm having a similar issue. I'm trying to figure out where I need to change the settings for post redirect. My SSL redirects to port :886 but the forum should redirect to port :80. If I can get this issue fixed it would be wonderful. Have you figured out a solution to your problem? Where in Vb can I change the port number for redirection after something takes place?

    Please note the following:
    I'm using a Windows Server and it only seems to take place in the ACP. The forum itself works fine, but after making changes in the ACP or logging in to the ACP I have to manually go back to the forum and or hit the back button on the browser! Hopefully what I'm asking makes some form of since to you.

    Edit: I'm currently working with someone that is more familiar with vB than I am. I'll update this thread if we reach a conclusion.
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  • hjackson
    Sorry, I should have said that once the email is confirmed it and I go the the user CP it starts redirecting indefinitely.

    The only thing out of the ordinary I have had to do is put:

    $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = '';

    in config.php because some of the URL's created from create_full_url() seemed to create url's with the wrong port number i.e.

    as opposed to

    This is understandable because apache is running on 81 and squid on 80. I am still seeing this problem and it is not looking good at the moment. Squid is set up to ignore anything to do with the forum and this appears to be working. I disabled the plugins and stil get the problem. I commented out


    in the profile.php script in the root directory and it then redirected me to


    and stopped there. The squid log shows

    TCP_MISS/302 480 POST
    TCP_MISS/200 458 GET

    so squid is definitely not caching anything. I am currently trying to see what the cron.php script does and if it redirects back to profile.php.

    It has got me stumped at the moment.


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  • Wayne Luke
    The default vBulletin does not automatically redirect to the usercp.php on registration. It shows a one of two pages. The first says registration is complete and provides a link to the UserCP or the Forum Index. The second tells the user that they need to activate their account by clicking on the link in the email sent to them. The page shown depends on your options.

    The only thing we can suggest is to reuplaod all the default vBulletin files and disable any plugins and see if the problem remains. If it does and still works properly when Squid is disabled, then there is a server configuration error somewhere outside the control of our software.

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  • hjackson
    started a topic Redirect Problem after a User Registers

    Redirect Problem after a User Registers

    Hi All,

    I have just installed vb 3.6.8. If I register as a new user it takes me to:

    it then starts redirecting continually to this page, if I don't cloe the window this would fill my logs. I am using apache 1.3.34 on Linux with squid as an accelerator.

    I have also noticed that if squid is removed then the problem goes away. Unfortunately removing squid from port 80 and allowing access to the forum that way is not an option.

    Has anyone seen anything similar?

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