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Getting Company Logo on vbulletin

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  • Getting Company Logo on vbulletin

    I got the step-by-step direction for uploading my logo onto the forum (thanks to you guys).

    My question:

    Should I contact my host (f5hosting) about problems opening the public files?

    I've had vbulletin professionally installed. I've downloaded two FTP programs (as suggested here), and each time I can log into my website, but can't get the public file opened.

    I'm not trying to point fingers, but trying to understand what the root problem is and to address it. Any guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    (and pls go easy, I'm a newb, but learning new things)

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    FTP problems are a hosting issue yes, not a vBulletin issue.


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      Thanks Floris for the response!
      Sorry I didn't respond quick. Thought no one was going to take this Q, but thanks for the pointer. (If one of the admins could pass that along, that be great).

      Gonna check up on my host. Grr


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