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  • Using HTML in Posts - Lots of Spaces

    I have a specific forum where I use HTML. I copy and paste certain graphical tables. These forums are not open for posting for anyone but myself.

    However when I submit these posts, a TON of spaces appear above the table and the table is pushed pretty far down the page... is there any fix for this that I can do?

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    I found this thread, but is there a way or mod over at that you guys know of to disable Line Breaks per forum?

    I have several other php programs that can disable it, but can or will vbulletin ever have the option... it would seem with having an HTML option, the problem with Line Breaks and such could be addressed.


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      is VB aware of this little annoyance? Is there anything planned to alleviate the html in posts problem?


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        All right. The way to fix this is to do this:

        If it is a complex table, I advise writing out your HTML code in something else (i.e. notepad) and save as an html file. Tweek and test it untill you have it the way you want it.

        After its all good to go, copy and paste all of your HTML code into a new post that you want to use the HTML on. GET RID OF ALL LINE BREAKS. (Meaning, go to the end of every line of html code and hit the delete key until the next line of code immediatly follows this)

        When you have no more line breaks in your code, and it is just one jumbled up line, your table will appear on top of the post with no line breaks.

        There currently is no other quick fix besides this. Everytime you press the enter key in the post field, it inserts a <br> into the hidden code. So don't use the enter key when completing your HTML post.

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          Originally posted by BlackxRam View Post
          is VB aware of this little annoyance? Is there anything planned to alleviate the html in posts problem?
          We are aware of it. It will probably be fixed in the future but there is no definite plan at this time. We don't recommend using HTML under any circumstances.
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            If you don't recommend using HTML in any circumstances... how may we go about making styled tables.

            Could their be future BBCode made for tables? As well as an admin panel to modify table styles and save?


            Row 1
            cell1 cell2

            I have a forum set to post on the front page of my VB site and need news posts to have the ability to utilize tables

            Dunno if their's a current fix to this without using HTML. But just a suggestion above. has these BB functions on their seperatly programmed news/forum site already, and they seem to work pretty well.


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