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Moved host servers - now db error

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  • Moved host servers - now db error

    Here is the error:

    Database error in vBulletin 3.6.8:
    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT user.avatarid, user.avatarrevision, avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.userid) AS hascustom, customavatar.dateline,
    customavatar.width, customavatar.height
    FROM user AS user
    LEFT JOIN avatar AS avatar ON avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid
    LEFT JOIN customavatar AS customavatar ON customavatar.userid = user.userid
    WHERE user.userid =;
    MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 6
    Error Number : 1064
    Date : Wednesday, August 15th 2007 @ 08:51:11 PM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address :
    Username : Unregistered
    Classname : vb_database

    All plugins/products have been removed. SQL version is 4.0.17 ....

    The forums worked perfectly on the other host, and STILL works. I'm thinking of just starting with a fresh copy downloaded from vb.

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    Nevermind....problem fixed by reloading all files to the server.