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Avatars missing following upgrade

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  • Avatars missing following upgrade

    I am working on an upgrade for one of my customers and I appear to have lost the customer avatar functionality. All I see is "user x's Avatar" in the place of where the picture might show up. I found a similar thread were it was suspected that a template issue cause the problem. I followed the advice and created a new template with no parent. Still the same issue.

    The upgrade was from 3.0.3 to 3.6.8. It is possible that a mysql query may have been missed as many of the upgrades timed out in the browser prior to completion. However, no upgrade pages ever produced an error. I compared the structure of the attachment table with a working test copy and it appears to be the same.

    Please help.

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    Right click on the image and select properties to see if the path is correct.


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      I am having this problem also - the path to the image just shows the root of the forum url. This is using 3.6.5


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        I have the same issue (3.0.0 to 3.6.8 upgrade)

        I am suspecting it is because earlier versions kept the Avatars in the database and new versions (3.6.8 at least) want to put them in a directory.


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          No, upgrading vB would not change this. You need to revert your templates. If you have further problems then please start your own thread with all the relevant details.
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