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Style/Template disappears for a moment

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  • Style/Template disappears for a moment

    I haven't added anything new to my site in a while, but all of a sudden I have having people report missing graphics/backgrounds. Here's what one user reported:
    Can someone help me figure this mystery out? Sometimes when people come to my site they see no graphics, backgrounds, or anything. Once they log in, it's fine. Here's what one user reported:

    Browser: Firefox
    Time of incident: 1:58
    Error message: None
    Attempted URL:
    Screenshot, if possible:

    This is what I get every time I have tried to login. Once I click on anything the color comes back. Don't know if that helps but I can still get into everything.
    Does anyone know what would cause this? I am on a virtual dedicated server

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    The css hasn't loaded. The user either blocked it, or it didn't get loaded in. Maybe the file was not found. If the user does a refresh it should appear. if then still not .. make sure the style he's using has a valid css.


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