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how do i force my memmbers to change password?

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  • how do i force my memmbers to change password?

    1. I would like all my members to replace their password at the next login to the forum.

    2. beside that is there any way to force them to change password in every fixed period of time ?

    thank you.

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    Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup -> Password Expiry

    Password Expiry
    (If you specify a number of days here, users will be required to change their password when this amount of time elapsed since they last changed)

    Password History
    (If you specify a number of days here, users will not be allowed to change their password to a value that they have used in the past x days.
    Note: this setting has no effect if password expiry is set to 0 days)


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      Consider this scenario - we want all members to change their password.
      We set it to 1 day. Members that log on tomorrow must change their password. Great.
      If a member does not log on for a couple days, how do we force him to - while still not making those that changed it within that first day change it again and again and again?
      Solution - each day, we must increment the days setting by a value of 1.
      There should be a better way, perhaps use a hard date instead of saying "x many days". Because it will be frustrating for those members to change it daily while we wait for all members to finally log on and change theirs.
      This system needs to be reworked! I am now faced with the burden of incrementing this number each day for each usergroup! Not fun!

      Suggestion to VB - Please incorporate a date feature to this system!


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