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  • Purchased a 2nd forum

    I have no problems running vBulletin on my business site and I have now for quite a few years. I just purchased a second liscense today to be able to have a similar forum running for a Computer Game that I am involved with. I purchased a seperate website than my business site but I just use the New Website address as a mask and everything is still ran through my business site. I tried installing the new forum and putting it under the Game Site, which is an extension of the business site, and it said the forum was already installed and took me to upgrade. However it was just upgrading the original forum and not the new one I purchased. I purchased the 2nd one to be able to have its own logo's and be seperate from the first one. How do I go about installing the 2nd forum? Do I need to use my config.php stuff from the host? just like my first forum uses? Both sites are hosted through the same website.

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    I get this error message when I try to install the new forum:

    Step 2) Connect to the database
    Attempting to attach to database
    Error description: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) /nfs/cust/6/3/5/bkpain2/dynasty/forums/includes/class_core.php on line 274
    The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.


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      I finaly got the error messages to stop and can start the install. When I start the install with my new forum, it says its already been installed and asks for me to upgrade. So I upgrade it and after it is done it takes me into my already being used forum? Can I not use 2 seperate vBulletin forums on one website?
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        Choose the option during the install to empty all tables in the database first, or delete the database then create another new one using the same names.

        But your better using the first option, and in the first step when you asked do you want to empty the database, choose YES.

        By the way, edit your post and remove your license details


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          will this wipe out Forum #1? I saw that option but I was afraid it would clear out my #1 forum which is for my business.


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            Dusky, please edit your post above and remove your vB license details before somebody see it


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              OK, I'm presuming you have got two databases on your server, I'm also presuming in the config file you have entered the details for the second new database you created (not the first one that the first forum uses),.

              As long as you have that new database name is in the config files for your second forum, it will only empty that database only


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                well I think I must not have 2 databases on my server. I wanted the first forum to be under
                and the 2nd one to be under

                but both config files say the same things in them so Im guessing I shouldnt empty anything.


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                  Just tell me first, have you created a second database

                  And what is the name of your first database


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                    lets say for example, you have a database that your 1st forum is using now called:


                    Create another new database called:


                    Then in config file (for the second forum your setting up). Enter the database information using the new second database you have just created called "dusty_forums".

                    What your doing is, your putting the information in your config file the first database (don't do that). Your config file should be different and uses the information for the second new database you create, not the first one your "forum 1" is already using.

                    You need to create a second database with a different name from the first one and give it full permissions if your asked, and yes your right. Don't empty it!!!!!
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                      well I have 2 seperate database's labeled. forum and forums but in the config files of each of them, it doesnt work when I use those names as the database names. It only works when I use my hosts username as the database name and that means I use the same name in each config.php


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                        did you add the same username to the second database that the first one uses, or did you create a new username and password and add that to it. So you have two databases and two usernames.

                        Or do you have two databases and one username.

                        if you have two databases and one username (they both use the same username).

                        For the database in the config, put the second database information there: username_forums

                        For username: put the same as the other config file (both are using the same username).

                        As long as your sure the database name in the second config is different from the database name in the first forums config, it's safe to empty the database during install. Doesn't matter that they both use the same username. Whats important is they both use different database names in each config
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                          I guess 2 databases and 1 username. Im not sure how to add a 2nd username. Im really not even sure if I have a 2nd database...All I've done is create a file on my website, the original one which has always been forum and now a 2nd one which is called forums. Are those each considered databases? If so, Im not sure how to add a second username/password to the 2nd one.


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                            No, sounds to me like your really not even sure how to create a second database. You need to use MYSQL in your Cpanel to add another new database, and if your asked what permissions to give it (choose full permissions). You can then asign the username already listed there that your 1st database users to your second database. So they both use the same username and password.

                            The only thing different in your config file then for your second database would be the database name. Everything else would be the same if you just stick with the same username and add that to your second database created.

                            But it sounds like you just don't really know how to create a second database and also add a user to it.

                            Not really sure how to help if thats the case, it's not hard to do. But if your never created a database before. It's hard to explain it here to you.

                            I just don't want you emptying the first database, and if you have the exact same information in your both config files and choose the option during install to empty database. You will empty the first database that the other forum uses.


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                              k, well I'll log into my account and see if I can figure out how to add a 2nd database


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